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Iowa Regional Honors Institute 2014 – Sioux City, IA June 6-7

Iowa’s Honors Institute

2014 Schedule

Thursday, June 5, 2014                                                                     Room # 6:00-8:00pm              Registration                                                               L304

Friday, June 6, 2014 7:30-8:15am              Registration/Cont. Breakfast                                                L416/L417

8:15-9:30am              Introduction, Agenda Info                                        Cargill Auditorium

& Intro to Honors Study Topic

9:30-11:00am            Speakers & Q/A                                                        Cargill Auditorium

11:00-11:15am          Break 11:15-12:30pm          Small Group Sessions                                              425/426/427 12:30-1:15pm            Lunch/Fellowship                                                      L416/L417 1:15-2:15pm              Research Techniques & Q/A                                   Cargill Auditorium

2:15-3:30pm              How to start an Honors in Action Project & Q/A     Cargill Auditorium

3:30-3:45pm              Break 3:45-5:30pm              Small Group Sessions/Activity                                 425/426/427

5:30-6:15pm              Dinner                                                                         L416/L417

6:15-7:00pm              Break & Travel to Park 7:00-9:00pm              Fun Activity

Saturday, June 7, 2014 8:00-9:00am              Continental Breakfast/                                              L416/L417

9:00-10:30am            Speakers & Q/A                                                        Cargill Auditorium 10:30-10:45pm         Break

10:45-12:00pm         Small Group Sessions                                              425/426/427 12:00-1:00pm            Lunch/Fellowship                                                      L416/L417 1:00-3:00pm              Honors in Action Review                                          Cargill Auditorium



3:00pm                      Clean-up/Checkout of rooms

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May 20-21, 2014 Bettendorf, IA

May 20, 2014 Minutes of the Iowa Regional Officer Team for Phi Theta Kappa Start Time: 8:30am Break Time: 12:00pm Start Back: 2:00pm End: 6:15pm Present: Tim, Jessica, Karen, Lori, Derrick, Lindsey, & Sima. Overview of the meeting: It was talked about what the regional officers would do at the Regional Honors Institute.

  • Discussion was made about honors institute and details of the trip.
  • Put together a presentation of our year together, at the end of the year. Use videos and pictures.
  • Facebook password changed and page looked at.
  • Everyone received a copy of the bylaws, looked at them, and talked about them.
  • Fall leadership convention is around October 16 and 17.
  • Understanding of the mission of phi theta kappa.
  • Talk of increase of membership in the region, and getting chapters to be MORE active.
  • There must be two inductions and get them to a regional event
  • Look at each criteria for each * (star) level.
  • C4 initiative is huge with PTK. We need to be actively involved.
  • Be a mentor for our peers and recruit. They need to commit to complete,
  • Wed. March 4, 2015 by 9. Dr. Rod Risley will be at the capitol and we want to do a H U G E event.
  • We need to focus on this C4 event.
  • Network and do academics.
  • Networking is a huge deal, so we need to get the ball rolling.
  • Get people excited to run for Regional and International office.
  • Have targets not only for the region, but for your chapter.
  • Get competitive edge done by fall. Everyone must reach ***** level.
  • Start a mentoring program for your chapter and implement it across the board.
  • Duties:
  1. Be in communication with your district chapters.
  2. Reach out to the officers
  3. Chapter star development: they need to be on the five star development. Tell them to enter two hallmarks. Regional Convention and have two induction ceremony, do something on campus for founders days, do a C4.
  • Aim high for ***** status
  • All new chapter officer’s names and numbers need to be gotten and put into a directory and sent to all officers by Derrick.
  • President Tim Howard (Beta Theta Xi) made a motion that all regional officers need to have a GPA of 3.5 when they join the regional team and maintain a 3.5 or higher when they become a regional officer. Should the regional officer’s GPA fall below the required GPA, the regional officer will have a grace period of one semester to bring it back up to a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The motion was seconded by Southeast Vice President Jessica Pieper.
  • Make sure we know who the contact advisor is?
  • Tell advisors that we need their information asap. We need to have a list so that we are able to get more things done.
  • We need: email, phone number, name, school contact advisor name, and their induction date.
  • Let advisors know that rod will be at the C4 event.

Secretary Derrick Hinton (Tau Phi) Motioned to continue the TOGO project: raising funds, SE VP Jessica Pieper seconded and no one opposed the vote.

  • It is necessary for everyone (Sima & Officers) to be present in Iowa City on October 15.
  • Themes for the Honors In Action were discussed

Themes 8 & 7 were largely discussed upon. Child Abuse and community college transferable credits were among the topics discussed.

  • It was decided that the main HIA topics are either going to be bullying or Water.

Regional HIA GOALS Bullying

  • Honors in Action project was determined through extensive research to be under Theme 2 at this time.
  • C-4

o   March 4, 2015 @ Des Moines (pre-planning)

  • Involving more legislators
  • More presidents
  • Media
  • Students
  • College presidents
  • Rod Risley
  • Etc.
  • Call Governor and ask for Iowa C-4 Day 1st Wednesday of March
  • Additional GOALS
  • Increase membership in PTK.
  • Increase 5 star chapter development
  • Increase College Fish completion.
  • Increase Competitive Edge completion

o   Iowa Region officers achieve 5 star status by Fall 2014

  • More Communication

o   Region wide Vice Presidents attending more induction ceremonies, etc. o   Getting more written and verbal communication with advisors and officers o   Recruiting exemplary chapter members to run for office o   Update Facebook page and webpage.

  • TOGO project
  • Get a mentor program implemented. Mentoring/recruiting for better qualified candidates for international and regional officers. It is crucial to take new members and show them what is possible.
  • C-4 project
  • Leadership academy conference packet. PTK 101 packet needs to be revised for Fall 2014.
  • Planning for the Spring Iowa Regional Conference
  • Planning for the event on October

o   Include scheduling for event o   Finding speakers o   Finding sponsors _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ May 21, 2014 Minutes of the Iowa Regional Officer Team for Phi Theta Kappa Start Time: 9:07am End: 12:12PM Present: Tim, Jessica, Lori, Karen, Derrick, & Sima. Absent: Lindsey Overview of the meeting: Continuation of the HIA project

  • Regional HIA project was decided and so was the Regional Project… HIA: Bullying…. Regional Project: TOGO continuation
  • Everyone needs to have 3 different sources pertaining to each category by Regional Honors Institute: Legal: Derrick (3 sources), Historical: Tim (3 sources), Psychological: Jessica (3 sources), Definitions/Sociological: Lori (3 sources), Statistics: Karen (3 sources), & Lindsey was absent.
  • JUNE 5th: Progress report of the HIA research, first phase due. JUNE 30th the research component should be finished. Decide which articles we want and implement them into our project.
  • June 20th, follow up with the research through a group meeting in St. Louis.
  • JUNE 30 group meeting to finalize research. — Skype
  • July 18th 10:30-6:00 – Newton
  • August 22st: Group meeting
  • September 19th: Group meeting
  • October 15, 16, or 17
  • December 19th: Group meeting
  • January 16th: Group meeting for Spring Convention and C-4
  • March 4th: Capital C-4
  • Spoke of the history of the topic.
  • Adjourned @ 12:12.
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Hello Region of I-O-W-A!!!

Hello Everybody,

My name is Derrick Hinton and I am the new Iowa Regional Secretary. I wanted to send out a hello to everybody and tell you that we have scheduled the Fall Leadership Conference and are working on some final details. We are also going to be updating this website so make sure you check back in and let us know how we are doing! We want to hear your opinions and we want to make sure that we keep as many people included as possible! Thank you so much for your patience and hard work!

Derrick L. Hinton II
Iowa Regional Secretary
Des Moines Area Community College — Boone Campus
1125 Hancock Drive
Boone, IA 50036

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